5. Dezember 2020


Empathizes and turn your findings into a Business Model!

Design Thinking is a Human Centered Innovation Approach where human needs, hopes and aspirations come first and every other aspect later.

In a 4-hours workshop we will make participants experience this approach by letting them deepdive into a persona and take them from there step by step to develop a business model to solve his/ her needs

– 60 minutes welcome and Intro Design Thinking
– 45 minutes deepdive into Personas
– 15 minutes coffee break
– 20 minutes ideation
– 60 minutes Business Modelling
– 30 minutes Wrap-Up and Q&A

The lecturer is Dr. Isabel Creuznacher.

This offer is aimed exclusively for students and staff of the University of Koblenz-Landau. Therefore, a booking is only possible with a valid university email address. Bookings made without a valid university email address will be automatically deleted.


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